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When you go on a short break, the experience can be invigorating, restful or empowering.

Having just returned from Tel Aviv, my trip was very much enhanced by residence at the highly revered Crowe Plaza on Tel Aviv’s main beach street. This fabulous hotel is an oasis of luxurious elegance and efficiency in this city of 24/7 activity.

On my first night and after a long flight, I left the balcony door open so a soft and light breeze could fill the room with a cool breath. Even though I was tired, I wanted to stay awake and just look outside. Absorbing every aspect, Arrowsmith’s lyrics to ‘Don’t want to miss a thing’ perfectly summed up my feelings.

Having not returned for quite a few years and since COVID, despite knowing the city extremely well, I am always amazed. The developing back streets, continuous horn beeping from the city’s impatient drivers, a place of life, noise, mouth-watering smells from the abundance of restaurants and music to attract the attention of potential passing trade. Shops selling artisan products. Galleries and busy bookshops. Creativity and intellect abound and everybody appears to be in a constant state of communication and debate.

To be in Israel is to breathe the Bible, its miracles and stories, the origins of the three monotheistic religions where Divinity has touched souls. Its power entrenched in descendants’ DNA.

Filling my lungs with this precious oxygen, my mind with memories, and my heart with love, I feel whole again. Revitalised and ready to explore my emotions, these invigorated senses and a literary flair, can now be carefully weaved into my writing.

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Bakery in Jaffa.
The Famous Victorian Abouelafia Bakery