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It is always a privilege when market leaders and those actively involved and supporting the community – ask me for advice.

Having recently been approached by the founder of Women Empowered – Reena Ranger – I wrote a Blog on how to set-up a new business. For more information and especially, a strategic set of guidelines to help you prioritise and have some working framework, please see the published link:

To improve an existing business merits thought, analysis of the statistics so far and vision for the future. The first important point to consider is whether success so far – would need further development if to reach new aspirations and goals? So many people think: “It’s worked so far…” But so far is not good enough when competition is getting tougher by the day.

a)   Go back to the drawing board.  What were the original goals? How successful have you been so far?

b) What have you learnt, what mistakes (or experience!) could make a difference with future enterprises?

c) Looking at the next six months, three years and five years – where would you like to be? How will you get there?

Taking regular intervals to measure success and to look at long-term objectives is important. It’s tempting and easy to just ride on what has already worked, but with business practice constantly changing with new and improved mediums such as social media and hashtags, means being realistic about what you need to take on board, incorporate within your current marketing strategy and how you can use as much as possible, to your own business advantage.  Also maximising upon free advertising rather than paying for all your advertising and marketing.

In the same way that you are watching how your competitors are procuring business – they are probably watching you too…

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