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Marketing Strategies

Before embarking on an advertising and marketing campaign, the key points which merit important consideration are:

Do you know your target audience?
Is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition/Point) clear?
Is the Mission Statement incorporated throughout all branding material?
Do you have a logo that works?
Environmental Factors
YOUR competitors!
What is the purpose of the marketing campaign?
The various options available and how to make them work…
End result
Moving forward…
A senior member of the Star Copywriting team will liaise with the client direct to discuss the above points plus many more. After a few meetings, discussions and relevant research, a report will then be written detailing a recommended campaign. This will include ideas and strategies to help promote clients’ corporate visibility to their target audience and with consideration for marketing and copywriting techniques.

Purpose: To help ‘drive traffic’ to your website. A carefully worded ‘call to action’ so potential clients will call you – to discuss business…