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A South America Adventure.  Tango in Buenos Aires – Spellbound by Iguazu Falls – Fun in Rio

South America is becoming increasingly popular.  As Europe becomes just too familiar, most of us with itchy feet and incurable Wanderlust are now looking further afield for a travel adventure. Somewhere different, a sense of unfamiliar sensuality in a far away place that is not a particularly, well trodden path.

I have always fantasized about tango in its birth place – Buenos Aires. And if shlapping out that far, to throw in Copacabana Beach and Sugar Loaf mountain too… I don’t generally plan too much in advance but like to ride the crest of an impromptu wave and when the feeling grabs me.  This of course assumes that my groaning bank balance can afford the indulgence; so a trip was planned for 2018 rather than a highlight in a 2019 diary.  However looking at my itinerary with a fresh perspective, it felt a shame to leave out the Iguazu Falls when virtually around the corner, so this phenomenal Natural Wonder of the World became part of the plan.

Buenos Aires was elegant, sultry and still very much in love with Eva Peron.  I watched Evita before the trip to get a ‘taste of Argentina’ before the trip which did indeed, whet the appetite.  The streets were aligned with expensive shops, Argentinian coffee shops abound but the highlight was the tango evening.  The show was a sultry treat and savoured with a large slab of Argentinian steak whilst I watched the dancing and tapped my foot to the music.  I enjoy most forms of dance but tango is special, the wrapping of female legs around a partner’s torso in musical rhythm.  The insinuations of an intimate connection and hint at ‘what might be’ as the accordion and violinists observe and accompany. Casa Rosada is a must and also Eva Peron’s burial site within the family (Duarte) tomb.

As stated in my article (which is the featured image) it was the Iguazu Falls that were the highlight of the trip. Being in the presence of this incredible vision of Mother Nature at her most majestic  is humbling on so many levels; emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually.  All five senses were invigorated and taken to new heights; the crushing sound of the waves, the smell of the crisp water, the sight of the 275 waterfalls like a oceanic overture of perfect timing and crescendo. You could taste the empowered energy of this uncontrollable roar.  I sat in silence and just imagined myself as part of the dynamism, wanting to be swept into its magic. I have travelled extensively and enjoyed many beautiful sights, cities and wonders, but these falls have a unique and special place in my heart.  I shall never forget how I felt on the Argentinian side, within the rain forest, experiencing a natural beauty at its pinnacle.

Final leg of the South America trip, were a few days in Rio de Janeiro at Copacabana Beach.  The beach was certainly fun (just don’t wear any jewellery or bags) but a beach is essentially… just a beach.  Sugar Loaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer were certainly worth visiting and I wouldn’t have wanted to have missed that opportunity.

Where Buenos Aires is about elegance and flair, Rio is about fun, artistic expression, bright colours and music.