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Video Testimonial from Ash Parmar of Smile Design by Ash


Ash Parmar

(Smile Design by Ash) – Dated 6th July 2018

Superb support from Michelle B. Harris on our marketing. Would not have got where we are without her push and ideas. Thank you.

Pankaj Patel

Managing Director of Aequitas Accountants Ltd.

Michelle at Star Copywriting has been helping UTL update our old websites and various marketing campaigns over the course of 2021 and we have had some great results, impressive new websites and brilliantly worded marketing letters that have brought in new enquiries. Michelle has also helped us to improve and understand how to market to new customers on multiple levels to get the best results. I would gladly recommend her to anyone looking for top end copywriting skills and general marketing ideas and advice.

Steve Arnold

Managing Director of UTL Group

I have been working with Michelle for a few years now and I am always in awe at how powerfully her messages serve as a call to action. If you want to portray a message, market a product, need content for a website, or a script for a video speak to Michelle. She consistently crafts words in a way that perfectly capture the essence of a campaign or strategy. She can transform your thoughts into wonderfully powerful words.

Having said all of that the most important thing about Michelle and Star Copy writing is that her clients are routinely delighted by the measurable return on their investment in her skills. (June 1st, 2018).

Peter Daley

Business Coach

Michelle B.Harris is a true professional in her field. Extremely hard working, patient and a perfectionist. It was a pleasure to work with her, nothing was too much trouble. She goes the extra mile for her clients, always ensuring that they are happy. The brochures she produced for my spa are unique and beautifully presented. I highly recommend Michelle (March 8, 2018).

Sue Ali

Advanced Expert Endermologie Practitioner, Endermospa UK

We worked with Michelle producing several promotional videos. What impressed us the most is how much energy and time she spends in her research and development of the scripts, really understanding her clients brand and market place and their audience to ensure an appropriate message and strong call to action is produced. With such a clear documented vision. the process of video production was not only smooth and enjoyable, it permitted for added value to be creative injected into the project during the shoot. We highly recommend Michelle and look forward to collaborating with her again. (April 27, 2015)

Andrew Bama

Executive Director, Methodworks Production

Michelle went out of her way to make sure I was happy with my leaflets, cards and web copy. She was very generous with her time and took a lot of trouble to find out how I wanted to be presented. My work is difficult to write about, but Michelle has written copy which explains it just as I would have done…only better. My physio asked to see my leaflet saying he would mention me to his clients, but he when saw it, he forgot all about his clients and asked me for Michelle’s telephone number!

Nayna Kumari

Michelle takes the time to research and understand your business, enabling her to write with insight and clarity. I would highly recommend her services for helping to tell the world what your business is about and what you provide.

Nikki Robinson

Physiotherapist, Holisticare

I have known Michelle for many years through various professional associations and HNWI events. Her work is internationally respected as it ensures great results and long-term benefits for her clients.

Abida Ghafoor

Managing Director, Asian Wealth Magazine / Management Consulting Ltd

…Her great strength is in the written word – words that are used to sell a clients’ product or service. Michelle is extremely professional in the way she conducts herself and displays the highest degree of integrity. If you are looking for a truly good ‘word smith’, Michelle should be the first person you should contact. David Hinds, Online Visual, UX, UI Designer (21st January 2014)

David Hinds

UI Designer, Online Visual

Star Copywriting always work with experienced and talented specialists. The result – a fantastic website. Launched on 1st January 2014. Please click below to englarge:

Michael Jelbart website

Michelle recently helped me with the re-launch of my dental practice website I asked her to “manage” the whole project as well as professionally write the copy for me. I have used Michelle many times before for another website ( as well as marketing brochures. As I expected, I was not let down in any way. Michelle is a true professional, very talented and delivers within deadlines. I would highly recommend any business that is considering to use her services to not even think twice! Thank you so much Michelle 

Ash Parmar website

Ravi Lakhaney


Marcel Benhamou

Blue Eagle Private Equity

Selena Aylett

Spear Investigations

For Michelle Harris – I wish to thank you very much for your work regarding my website. Your skill with words and thoughtful use of English has transformed my website enormously. I also am grateful for the time taken to liase with my website designer and photographer to create a site I am now very proud of.

Thanks once again.

Lee Raphael

Podiatrist/Chiropodist, For copywriting website:

I would just like to say thankyou to Michelle for her immaculate wording/layout of my company brochure, it turned out even better than expected. The time and effort that was taken to fully understand my companies business shines through and every client/prospective client that has received a copy of our new brochure has had nothing but positive things to say about it. I would certainly recommend her services to anyone that is looking, and am looking forward to doing many more things with Michelle/Star copywriting in the future.”

Many thanks!!

Thanks once again.

Joe Williams

Director at The French Wine Exchange

Ashley hired you as a copywriter in 2012

Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, Creative

“Thank you Michelle for the wonderful article you wrote for the local life magazines regarding fund raising for a Sunshine Coach for my son’s special needs school. So far your tender and succinct words have help raise over £5000. I would not hesitate in recommending your professional services to any of my business associates.” September 12, 2012

Please note that donations are still being received as a result of this feature…

Ashley Bermange

As a copywriter, Michelle has an exceptional capacity for understanding her client’s aims and values, to be able to express exactly what needs to be said for their target audience.

As a client, Michelle takes her own personal development very seriously, and is focused on ensuring she achieves her personal and business goals.

A fabulous lady, and a true professional.

Marc Jerrard

Performance & Development Director at Armada Performance

Details of the Recommendation:

Feedback from Michelle’s recent seminar included:

* Lots of important questions raised

• Very interesting and comprehensive

• Really punchy and engaging lots of useful and practical information

• Good workshop but could do with more info on web content structure

• Very informative – not too waffley

• Speaker was very thorough and dealt with questions well

• Great advice

• The talk opened my eyes to other ways of maximising my website that I didn’t know about

• Lots of examples and tips

• Able to gain useful information on social media

• Could have been more on how to write good website content, as she is a copywriter

• Excellent presentation and delivery

• I learned a lot from this workshop – it was very engaging and informative

Service Category: Trainer Year first hired: 2012 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Goretti Considine

City Business Library For Seminar

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the work you did in writing the article that was published in the Wanstead, Epping, Loughton and Brentwood Life magazine. You managed to capture the very thoughts and passion o of the charity work that I do with my church for ex offenders and homeless shelters. I have had some positive feedback from the article and I know the seed of hope will be spread to those who need help and those who now feel lead to help others.

Once again thank you so much.

Carl Belle

Belvoir Lettings, Interview with Carl Belle

I used Michelle’s services recently; I asked her to put together a promotional, biographical outline that I can use as a marketing tool.

Michelle proved an excellent choice for this work as she is not only a very creative writer she also has the ability to use that creativity to produce really readable and understandable businesslike copy. She also went the extra mile; liaising with the designers and printers to ensure the finished product really reflected my company brand.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle. I will definitely be using her services again.

Kathy Ennis

Business Coach, London

Geoff hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2011

Top qualities:Expert, High Integrity, Creative

I commissioned Michelle to write a brochure for me …she was thorough in her preparation, liaison with me and ideas for the whole brochure not just the copy. She wrote good, easy to read copy and was very comfortable and accomodating with the amendments I needed to have made. Thank you Michelle

Geoff Willis

Malcolm Snook hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2009 and hired you more than once

Top qualities:Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

What can I say about Michelle? Well One word “Superb”. Michelle has a talent that can bring any type of text to life. Be it for website information, brochures, adverts, menu’s or biographies she brings the written word to life. If you want to make the most of what your idea is speak to Michelle and she will help you present it the right way. To get ahead of your competitors speak to Michelle.

Malcolm Snook

It was great working with you. You made our client’s (Ash Parmar) scripts come alive, so a pat on the back for you. You’re an amazing script writer. If any other projects come up which merit a professionally written script, we will be contacting you.

Whether for dentists or any other industry we have absolute confidence in your writing abilities. The editors commented on their outstanding quality too. Fantastically written. Well Done!

Jemish Patel


Azeem Jiwaji hired you as a Writer/Editor in 2009 and hired you more than once

Top qualities:Great Results, Expert, Creative

Michelle is an amazing copywriter. She has the ability to express your requirements in ways that you would not have imagined. The bit that I like best about Michelle is that she just doesn’t go and just write it. She actually spends time with you and understands your business, your target audience, the media that will suite your goal, and how best to achieve these with her amazing creativity and skill in writing. Michelle thank you for the great work you have done for me and I will always use your services and recommend you highly and without hesitation to business colleagues.

Azeem Jiwaji

Owner, Local Web Life Ltd (business partner)was with another company when working with you

I have worked with Michelle on numerous website & design projects. Her work has been impeccable. Michelle really understands the client’s needs to get the message across and her writing achieves maximum impact. My clients have always been highly complementary on her work and I enthusiastically recommend her services.

Andrew Keehner

Michelle is a very special person indeed. She is a highly talented copywriter whom I have had the privilege of working with on a number of business projects. I find her approach very sincere and professional, and I respect her core values of integrity and family life. Michelle always puts in 110% effort in any job she takes on, and the end results are inevitably outstanding. So, if you want professional copy written for a brochure or newsletter, or a website written, developed and designed, I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle and her excellent team at Star Copywriting.

Ashish B Parmar

Founder, Smile Design by Ash London

Michelle was an obvious choice for our first project together. She not only quickly grasped the concept of the project but mastered understanding of the product and where the owner wanted to take his business. It’s not often you meet someone with such quick insight into a business.

I have continued to work with Michelle on numerous projects – I hope to continue to do so on many more, she makes my life a lot easier.

Glen Thomas

Technical Director, UKCMS, London

I’ve know Michelle for a number of years as a client, and invited her along to my local BNI chapter where I was Chapter Director at that time. She liked what she saw, dived in, and embraced the BNI concept, earning herself a spell on the leadership team within a couple of months. She throws herself wholeheartedly into everything she’s involved in and her attention to detail is second to none. She follows these principles through into her copywriting service, providing her clients with exactly, if not more, than they would expect. Decent, hardworking and honest is my Michelle!” June 29, 2011

Vincent Goode

(Owner, Speedprint Essex Ltd)

I recently received an e-mail, via the contact form, from BBC Radio 4. They would like me to talk about various issues …. It was great they came to me for advice. They could have gone to any officer in the land. … Also an enquiry from a Government department, via the site, they would like me to speak at a conference. I am very happy!

David Quinton

Trading Standards Enforcement Officer, Quintrain Services Limited

….Fantastic! Just right… thanks… that should pull the punters in…

Ian Bird

CEO, Bird Studios, London

……We are all very happy with the quality and layout of what has been produced. I would recommend your work to any family and friends who require this service.

Shabeer Dean

Senior Negotiator, Wentworth Estates