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In today’s tumultuous world where the global pandemic, deaths and business struggles dominate news headlines – NOW and more than ever – it is essential to be remembered and if still in business.

It’s an old cliché to ‘slash advertising and marketing budgets’ in order to save costs. BUT if you’re not advertising and demonstrating that you’re still open for business, potential customers may think you have closed.

Show your flexibility during this crisis and that you have adapted. The proverbial shop is still open whether physical or online.

Tell the World You’re Still in Business

Crisis can present opportunity. Perhaps your competitors may have gone out of business and there is potential to reach a new and improved target audience. Clients who historically may have used larger companies for products and services, could be revising their budgets and are now open-minded to using a smaller company. Broaden your net for a larger catch of potential clients.

Re-examine your message, arresting opening, how and why, a potential client should choose your business or service. Write a new strapline that demonstrates an innovative approach. It is far easier for a smaller business to change its structure and branding.

So What’s Next?

‘We live in interesting times’ but they are also frightening; there is no clear route to the revised normality that will be the outcome of post-COVID. We need to remain open where possible, be noticed and remembered.

Now is not the time to be quiet – there are so many ways to be seen, heard and remembered.


What is your strategy for survival? Do you need a revised marketing and cornerstone copywriting plan?

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