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What’s happening behind the scenes…

It was a privilege to attend an Essex Police commanders meeting.

In the presence of key decision makers, I had the opportunity to experience first-hand, their address of situations which affect the daily lives of Essex residents.

Their discussion and regular monitoring of officers’ performance, ideas and recommendations regarding current policies and training was enlightening. The breakdown and logic behind strategic attendance at major key events (in order to protect the public’s safety and wellbeing) whilst facilitating public freedom and a sense of normality.

There was discussion on the Insulate Britain protests and how to maintain respect for the protest and its message, whilst also ensuring free flow of traffic with minimal disruptions to the public. A delicate balance but the ideas and plan developed were both analytical and impeccable.

As a member of the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) my particular interest is Hate Crime, its statistics and measures to combat. I was reassured that in recent months, there have been no high-risk incidences and that this delicate area is of utmost concern.

With respect to women’s safety, there was a brief discussion about Sarah Everard and as her name was mentioned, the entire team held their heads in collective shame about Wayne Couzens. There was a tangible atmosphere of disgust and abhorrence of his actions and an absolute understanding of justifiable, female safety concerns. They are working even harder to reinstate public trust in their services and professional commitment.

As a member of the public, being present and able to question and address various matters and concerns, it brought a community bridge between the scenario of the public’s expectation and how the decisions and responsibilities are addressed. Their perception, experience and highly-trained skills are behind the scenes, intellectually analysing scenarios within the parameters of strict discipline.

Most of us could not even begin to possibly understand or imagine what is being implemented to keep us safe…

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