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Further to my last Blog – the feature has now been published. Women Empowered Blog – October 2014

Having been approached by the founder of Women Empowered – Rena Ranger – she asked if I would like to write a letter to my younger self. At first, it seemed a simple request, yet when I gave the subject matter some really serious thought, it was as if I had become my own mother; words of maternal advice to help a younger me be forewarned about the future yet also offering a tender consolation about the difficult years. I think if we all look back at ourselves in our 20s compared to our current age (if older!) – it’s amazing how differently you see yourself from an outside perspective. Yet simultaneously not wanting to take away the necessary experiences that help to formulate a character. I think for most people if not everybody, there are difficulties, problems to face and overcome, joy to be savoured. If we always know the ending we can’t benefit from the experience. So how to tell all – without telling anything… Hope you enjoy the Blog.