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As websites become more interesting – more interactive and alive – it is crucial to include videos: whether as testimonials or from key company executives talking about the business, or to demonstrate products or services.

However standing in front of a camera can be daunting! Video teams are expensive and making it up as you go along, could be disastrous for a company’s image or credibility. If investing in a great video, having a well-written and rehearsed script can make the difference between amateur and professional.

Writing the perfect script considers the time available, an arresting opening, embellishment and call to action. What you say, how you say it, body language, the accentuation of the keywords and emotive language. Plus important literary and marketing techniques will collectively make an important, video impact…

“It was great working with you. You made our client’s (Ash Parmar) scripts come alive, so a pat on the back for you. You’re an amazing script writer. If any other projects come up which merit a professionally written script, we will be contacting you. Whether for dentists or any other industry we have absolute confidence in your writing abilities. The editors commented on their outstanding quality too. Fantastically written. Well Done!”

Jemish Patel

Managing Director, JSP Media Group