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It was a difficult decision… but decided to watch Prince Harry’s interview with Tom Bradby. With all the news coverage I wanted to see it for myself rather than to base an opinion on headlines and opinions… (But will not be buying the book!)

In short, it was probably one of the saddest interviews I have ever seen. Yes – that now infamous fight with Prince William where Harry’s necklace was broken and he fell on the dog bowl is pretty hilarious. But his backtracking of the Oprah Winfrey interview and Meghan’s comment on the colour of Archie’s skin, makes your head involuntarily shake.

Overall he bluffs and blusters his way through any awkward questions with psychobabble. Accusations of ‘unconscious bias’ spouted as if he is the leading, academic authority on who is – and who is not – afflicted. He looks blissfully unaware of the contradictions he makes from previous comments and interviews. His deluded state, from a self-elected moral highground, is both shockingly pathetic whilst also being tangible in its pain.

Before seeing the interview, I thought his and Meghan’s antics were despicable. Now having seen the interview I can’t feel any anger towards him. The poor guy comes across as his master’s (Meghan) puppet and unfortunately, intellectually challenged to a point that any common sense, has probably been shredded in the quagmire of her own ambition.

…And what will happen to him when Meghan invariably moves onto the bigger and better deal? The autobiography and ‘her side’ of the truth is probably being drafted as I type.