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Have never been described as grumpy however as part of the run-up to Christmas, thought I would share a personal experience about a leading retailer. More importantly – why you shouldn’t use them.

As all the retailers compete for our hard-earned cash – who do you trust? Who will deliver as promised?  The TV advertisements are filled with happy festive faces and enhancement of home lifestyle based upon a recent purchase.  I needed a washing machine.  Not exciting stuff but an essential. Ordered on 25th November – next delivery slot (with installation) – 3rd December between 1340-1740.  Well so much for Next Day Delivery! The warning signs are already there…

The day arrives – expectantly and excitedly, I waited in all day. Just in case they came early and I missed my slot.  Machine not delivered. Nobody calls.  Not even a text.  Getting through to their call centre takes a VERY LONG TIME. Be prepared to be bored…

At last – a voice – a real one. Excitement abounds – Hallelujah!  In a quivering voice, I ask: “Why wasn’t the machine delivered?”

Answer: “Drivers ran out of time and went home!”   Not difficult to imagine the type of driver hired by #Currys.   So am rescheduled (allegedly) for Sunday. Oh yes! As compensation,  #Currys offered £30!  Ummmmm…….. I only wanted the washing machine on date and time promised!   Or at least a call, if not too much bother from the don’t-give-a-dam-about-the-customer driver.  The only helpful person has been Kirsty (from KnowHow) who has been terrific.

Reminds me of a fabulous quote by Oscar Wilde when he was unceremoniously arrested after his infamous court case. “If this is how Queen Victoria treats her prisoners, then she doesn’t deserve to have any.”

By comparison and referring to Couldn’t Care Less #Currys – do they deserve any customers?

If I had read this blog before my purchase – would have gone to John Lewis.