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There are some people who wear hats to keep their heads cosy whilst others simply enjoy the embellishment to an outfit or design.  I fit in the latter category as a keen wearer of hats. With a whole stash of them in a variety of colours am certainly spoilt for choice, however…

During a recent visit to the markets in Cologne, I fell in love.  Although I was absolutely wrapped up in all things Christmas kitsch:  stalls overflowing with every tree decoration imaginable, toys, ornaments, jewellery, Gluhwein, sizzling sausages, scrummy sweets and calorific cakes,  I was not expecting to see a spectacular hat that would demand my urgent attention. But there it was and ‘to buy or not to buy’ that was the question?  To falter would mean a lifetime of eternal regret so obviously, it was purchased!

The hatmaker, Josef Dadon is based in Germany and I absolutely recommend a look at his website: